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Pictures Taken
Tuesday, August 1st, 2000 &
Wednesday, August 2nd, 2000

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A secret pal strikes again!

Giorgio, Me (Tricia), and Regan

Smile and say cheese, Regan, Amanda, and Angela!

Robin and Becca

We're having fun pulling down the power cord!

"Stare and Paint" Day


Jennifer at work!

Anna "free drawing"

Michelle having some fun

Friends at work

The "Stare and Sketch" production line

"Eye" see you!


Zeno the "Hot Hungarian"

Hi, Anna!

Jumping Jacks, anyone?

"Down by the Banks"

Noah being crazy (as usual)

Cheryl and Hana, friends 4 ever


Today my name is: "You-Know-Who"

Christie, Becca, and Regan relaxing before seminars

Finnegan needs a bigger couch!

Ethan and Finnegan

A little talk about the globe

Naptime for Becca and Regan

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