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Pictures Taken
Wednesday, August 2nd, 2000 &
Thursday, August 3rd, 2000  

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Slide: Swing Dancin'
 Slide: Terry & Robin Breaking a Non-Negotiable  Slide: Robin "Beating Up On" Terry  Slide: Robin - "I'm going to stay in bed today!"  Slide: Terry - "I'm not getting up just for breakfast!" Slide: Balconies Are to be Used for Entry & Exit Only! 
 Slide: Water Ballet  Slide: Field Day Pyramid  Slide: Group Photo  Slide: Sean Says "Hi!"  Slide: Becca, Terry, & Tricia (Me) Slide: Sean Terrifying a Camper 
 Slide: Mental Challenge Prize List  Hey, Robin - Check Out the Guy on the Left Side of the Picture!  Slide: SEP Rocks!  As We Go On, We'll Remember All the Times We've Had Together ...  Hello, Boys!   Hana in Her PJs, with a Sprite
 Earth Angel, Earth Angel, Will You Be Mine ...  Terry! It's 11:30, Go to Your Room!   SEP, Forever!      
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