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Pictures Taken
Tuesday, July 25th, 2000 &
Wednesday, July 26th, 2000

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 Hanging Around in John Stenz' Class  Becca Putting the Final Touches on Her Lab Work  Our Density Column  Noah Being Crazy (As Usual) ... And Getting Whacked for It!  Now That We've Got Them All Together, What Do We Do With Them?
 Hey, We Don't Have Enough Players for Four Square!  And How May I Help You Today?  Crazy Twister ... On the Floor & the Walls  Don't Mind Me -- I've Never Played Before  Okay -- I confess! I Have Played Before
 Noah Being Crazy (As Usual)  These Are Newlyweds?  Hey, I'd Never Forget What's-Her-Name's Birthday!  Hail to My Husband!  His Name is ... um ... Jim and He Comes from ... um ... um
 Don't Try This At Home, Kids!  Now We Will Drop the Objects into Our Density Column ...  And Here They Are  Espanol, Anyone?  Hi, Jessie!
 Uh, What Are You Doing?  Gee, Counselors Sure Are Boring When They Think No One's Looking      
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